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Cryo Professional 2mm Applicator

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Product Description

1 x 170ml aerosol dispenser with 60 x 2mm foam sticks.

What is the Cryo Professional?
The Cryo Professional is a professional cryosurgery product intended to be used for the treatment of benign skin lesions in patients over 4 years old. 

How does the Cryo Professional work?
The Cryo Professional is a cryosurgery product indicated for the treatment of various types of benign skin lesions. Cryotherapy freezes the skin lesion whereby it necrotises. The product contains dimethylether with propane / isobutane. Cryotherapy is a known effective and reliable treatment. 

With the Cryo Professional different types of benign skin lesions can be treated i.e., warts on hands or feet, genital warts, skin tags, water warts, age spots and hyper pigmentation. The frequency and duration of the treatment varies per type of skin lesion and ranges from 15 to 40 seconds. Refer to the instruction for use for the specific treatment times.

During or immediately after treatment, there may be an experience of slight pain or a tingling sensation which gradually dissipates. Blistering can also appear after several days which should not be punctured, but covered with a plaster (bandage). Inform the patient beforehand about what can be expected before, during and after the treatment including post-treatment care and possible side-effects. As necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 2 weeks. 

The Cryo Professional can be used to treat various types of benign skin lesions on patients over 4 years old. Examples of the types of skin lesions treatable with the Cryo Professional include:

  • Genital warts
  • Molluscum Contagiosum
  • Fibroma, Acrochordon (skin tags)
  • Verruca (Plantaris, Vulgaris, Plana)
  • Seborrheic Keratosis (SKs)
  • Aktinica Keratosis (AKs), both in the face and on other body parts
  • Lentigos, both in the face and on other body parts

Available product variations
This product is intended for use by medical professionals only.  The Cryo Professional is available in three versions:

  • 1 x 170 ml aerosol dispenser with 50 x 5mm foam sticks (UTM0169)
  • 1 x 170 ml aerosol dispenser with 60 x 2mm foam sticks (UTM0170)
  • 1 x 170 ml aerosol dispenser with 30 x 2mm foam sticks & 30 x 5mm foam sticks (UTM0171)

Only use the product with the foam sticks supplied. Do not use other types of foam sticks as they can reduce the effectiveness of the product and cause tissue or skin damage. The foam sticks are for single use on one patient only.

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